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TaskLight is the lighting solution for kitchens, lofts, receptions, meeting rooms and private spaces, with endless possibilities for customizing the desired light.

Architecturally, it blends into any building. The mirrored surfaces absorb the space and thus become part of a living, changing spatial event. 

The prismatic cover blocks out the light and makes the room appear spacious. 

All light colors can be achieved with the 7 control channels. The interplay of direct and indirect light accentuates architectural refinements at the touch of a button. This is how TaskLight sets the scene in rooms.

We recommend the luminaire for kitchens, lofts, presentation and work areas.

German Design Award Winner 2024 

» Special Mention « for Tasklight in the category

- Excellent Product Design - Lightning

Award Logo.png

TaskLight 2000

2000 x 500 x 50 mm


TaskLight 2500

2500 x 500 x 50 mm






TaskLight 800

800 x 800 x 50 mm

Standard: black and white structure, aluminum satin finish

Exclusive: silver mirror, black mirror

Individual: classic gold, silver and copper, stone surfaces, individual RAL colors


We are happy to plan & produce room-specific and individual solutions on customer request. All LED light sources are interchangeable in our workshop.

Funktion TaskLight, engl.png

Standard surfaces

weiß struktur_edited.jpg

White structure

NoDesign LongLight Oberfläche Struktur Schwarz

Black structure

Alu Satiniert

Aluminum satin finish

Exclusive surfaces

Spiegel Schwarz TaskLight.jpg

Black mirror

NoDesign-18 Kopie_edited.jpg

Silver mirror

Individual surfaces

NoDesign LongLight Oberfläche Klassik Silber

Classic silver

NoDesign LongLight Oberfläche Klassik Gold

Classic gold

NoDesign LongLight Oberfläche Klassik Kupfer.jpg

Classic copper

Steinoberfläche_Verde Gris_NoDesign.jpg

Stone fallen leafs


Stone Nero

Steinoberfläche_Verde Gris__NoDesign.jpg

Stone Verde Gris

Steinoberfläche_Brennender Wald_NoDesign.jpg

Stone burning forest


Stone Argento


Stone Arcobaleno

Steinoberfläche_Rote Erde_NoDesign.jpg

Stone red earth

Individuelle RAL-Farben

individual RAL colors

Light colors & brightness can be changed via app or switch. All built-in components are durable and can be replaced even years later. Supported by: smart respond technology.

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